Locks are essential for keeping our homes and belongings safe. Sometimes, we might need to make changes to our locks to ensure security. Two common ways to do this are rekeying and changing locks. In this article, we will learn about when to rekey and when to locks change in San Francisco.


Rekeying is like giving your lock a new key without replacing the entire lock. Here’s when you might consider rekeying:

Lost Keys: If you lose your keys or someone steals them, rekeying is a smart choice. It prevents strangers from using the old keys to unlock your doors.

Moved to a New Place: When you move into a new house or apartment, you never know who might have a copy of the old keys. Rekeying ensures only you and your family have access.

Shared Access: If you’ve given keys to friends, neighbors, or contractors in the past, but you no longer want them to have access, rekeying is a quick way to secure your home.

Old or Worn-out Locks: If your lock is getting old and doesn’t work smoothly, rekeying can improve its functionality without replacing the whole lock.

Changing Locks

Changing locks involves replacing the entire lock mechanism with a new one. Here’s when you should consider changing your locks:

Damaged Locks: If your lock is damaged or broken, rekeying won’t help. You should change the lock entirely for better security.

Upgrading Security: If you want to improve your home’s security, consider changing your locks to newer, more secure models.

Outdated Locks: Older locks might be easier to pick or break. Changing to modern locks provides better protection against potential intruders.

Personal Reasons: Sometimes, people might change locks due to personal reasons, such as ending a relationship or dealing with a roommate moving out.

Knowing when to rekey and when to change locks can help you maintain the security of your home and belongings. Rekeying is a great option when you want to keep the same lock but require a new key. On the other hand, changing locks is the right choice when you need a fresh start with a new, improved lock system. Remember to prioritize safety and consider consulting a professional locksmith for the best advice and service.