If you have lost your house keys the only solution to it is picking the lock. While the practice it very effective, many people don’t know how to go about it. To guide you through here are the tips that you should consider:

Pin Tumbler Lock

If you come across a pin tumbler lock you should know that you have to come across a pin or two that have been keyed too low. If they are difficult to open, this is because the breaking point of a long bottom pin doesn’t allow enough room in the keyway for the pick to manipulate the other pins. To open the lock you need to play with the tension wrench in order to manipulate the other pins.

The best way of going about it is to bounce the wrench left and right slightly while picking. When doing it you should allow some of the tumblers to drop occasionally. Another way of going about it is picking the front tumblers first.

Clockwise Or Counterclockwise

If you are trying to pick a lock and you are unsure of whether to turn it clockwise or counterclockwise, you should follow a simple rule-you should pay attention to the tumblers. If the tumblers don’t break or stay broken, chances are that you are going in the wrong direction with the tension wrench.

Master Keyed Pin Tumbler Locks

These ones are very easy to pick open as they have more than one shear line. If you are wondering which the benefits of master-keying are, the technology helps a group of locks to be easily controlled by a master key holder while the individual locks in the group are controlled by individual keys. The master keying technology aids in increasing the security of your home.

Dead Bolt Locks

They are usually mounted on a door above the knob and they always unlock counterclockwise if your door is left-hand. If your door is right hand your lock should unlock clockwise. If you think that this is hard to remember you should always remember that the bolt of the lock goes in the opposite direction of the door-jam. The cool thing with dead bolt locks is that they are very easy to pick open.


When undertaking lock picking always ensures that you are careful to avoid damaging the door. If you are having problems doing the work always consider hiring the services of a professional locksmith near me to help you out.