Have you ever accidentally locked yourself out of your room or house? Don’t worry! There’s a simple way to unlock your door using a drill. Remember, this should only be used in emergency situations when you’re locked out and can’t find your key. Let’s learn how to unlock your door with a drill!

Gather the Tools

To unlock your door with a drill, you’ll need a few things. Make sure you have a drill with a drill bit, a screwdriver, and safety goggles. It’s important to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes while using the drill.

Identify the Lock

Look closely at your door lock to determine what type of lock it is. Most locks will have a keyhole on one side. We’ll be using the drill to create a small hole in the keyhole, so be sure to focus on that area.

Insert the Drill Bit

Now it’s time to insert the drill bit into the drill. Choose a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the keyhole. This will help prevent any damage to the lock mechanism.

Drill the Hole

Put on your safety goggles and hold the drill firmly. Position the drill bit right at the center of the keyhole. Apply gentle pressure and slowly drill into the lock. Remember, you only need to drill a small hole, so be careful not to go too deep.

Remove the Drill

Once you’ve drilled the hole, carefully remove the drill from the lock. Make sure the drill is turned off before you remove it to avoid any accidents.

Use the Screwdriver

Take the screwdriver and insert it into the hole you just created. Gently turn the screwdriver in the direction that you would turn a key to unlock the door. Apply a little bit of pressure, and the lock should start to turn.

Unlock the Door

Keep turning the screwdriver until you feel or hear the lock click. Congratulations! You’ve successfully unlocked your door using a drill.

Remember, using a drill to unlock a door should only be done in emergencies when you can’t find your key. It’s always a good idea to have spare keys or give a copy to a trusted person. If you find yourself locked out often, it might be worth investing in a keyless entry system or calling locksmith in Myrtle Beach for professional help. Stay safe and be responsible with your newfound knowledge!